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sealed lead acid battery malaysia
Battery Discharging
After discharge, the battery should be recharged timely to avoid sulphide, which causes adverse influence to the internal structure of battery and reduce the capacity. To obtain maximum life, take attention to recharge the battery promptly after discharging. Never store them in a discharge rate.
Sealed Batteries Malaysia Chart 4 shows the different discharging current corresponding discharging capacity at 25°C. The discharging capacity of battery depends on the discharge rate being used and ambient temperature. It shows that the rated capacity of a battery is reduced when it is discharged at a value of current that exceeds its 10-hours rate or 20-hours rate. The higher discharge current is, the shorter the discharge time will be.
Sealed Batteries Malaysia Chart 5 shows the effects of different temperature in relation to battery capacity. The battery capacity is affected by ambient temperature. When temperature arises, electrochemical activity in a battery increases and then discharging capacity will be increased. Vice versa, when temperature falls, electrochemical activity in a battery decreases; the discharging capacity will be less. Temperature must be taken into capacity design calculations in applications where the operating temperature of the system is below 20°C.
The final discharging voltage is the battery terminal voltage in close circuit voltage per cell to which a battery discharging safely and maximize battery life. The higher discharging current is the lower cut - off discharging voltage of battery will be. The battery should never be discharged to less than predetermined. Otherwise, overdischarge may result. Repeated overdischarge may cause failure to recover capacity even by charging.
Table 2: Final Discharging Voltage Guideline
Sealed Batteries Malaysia
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Sealed Batteries Malaysia
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